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DRAKE Spends $10K On Ice Cream!

This past Friday – Drake spent @$10,000 of his own money buying ice cream for five different Los Angeles neighborhoods.  Temps were near 100 degrees and Drake said he “just wanted to keep all the kids cool.” What a good guy!Continue Reading

T-Pain Will Make Homecoming Unforgettable!

Multi-platinum and Grammy Award winner, T-Pain, singer of hits such as “Buy You a Drank,” “Up Down,” and “Bartender” will perform for Minnesota State University, Mankato Homecoming on Friday, October 7, in Myers Field House……………..And I can’t wait! I have seen him twice, and he is fantastic. T-Pain is a regular artist on my Throwback Thursday…Continue Reading

Do You Love Ice Cream? Then This Is For You!

Today is “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – and I’m ready to celebrate!  I love ice cream, and usually indulge every evening at some point.  I eat a lot of Ben & Jerry’s, but of the traditional flavors, I am a big fan of Rocky Road and Mint Chocolate Chip.  Also, there aren’t many things…Continue Reading

He’s Coming Back – It’s About Time!

If you are familiar with my show, you may know that one of my favorite shows as a kid, was “MacGyver”. How awesome was this dude?  Seen here holding a torpedo (lol), MacGyver often relied on his charisma and charm, just as much as his scientific intellect.  He was the absolute master of getting out…Continue Reading

Bob Marley Passed Away At 36

When talking about the most important musicians of all time, the great Bob Marley is certainly on the short list. Marley passed away on this day in 1981, in a Miami hospital. He did not invent reggae music – he perfected it.  His music, and his ever present message of peace, and brotherhood, will live…Continue Reading

Naked In Public – The Good & The Bad!

Last Saturday was “World Naked Gardening Day” – and other than Johnny Marks from The Big Hot Morning Show – I don’t know anyone who took part.  I will admit, I was tempted – and I DID have yard work to do.  I just didn’t have the nerve. Actually, I didn’t want trouble in the…Continue Reading