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Looking Forward to More This Fall

A new survey put a bunch of fall activities head-to-head and had people vote on which one they’re looking forward to more. And here are the results . . . Sweaters or blankets? 51% said sweaters. Pumpkin picking or apple picking? 62% went pumpkin. Haunted houses or scary movies? 57% picked movies. Pumpkin pie or…Continue Reading

Faces for Radio!

Well, this should take us down a peg . . . Someone polled more than 1,100 radio hosts around the country and asked a bunch of questions about how we do our jobs. But they also mixed in a few mildly INSULTING questions that we loved. And here are the results . . . The…Continue Reading

Social Media Can Ruin Your Chances At a Job

Director James Gunn recently got kicked off the next “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie for offensive tweets he posted years ago. And according to a new survey, it’s pretty common OUTSIDE Hollywood too . . . 34% of companies have either fired or disciplined an employee over something they posted on social media. And it’s…Continue Reading

Things To Do to Have a Better Weekend

It’s Friday! But if you’re like me and feel like your weekends always evaporate in the blink of an eye, here are five tips from a time-management expert . . . 1. Plan it out. If you don’t plan anything for your weekend, chances are you’ll end up mindlessly watching TV or browsing the internet…Continue Reading