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    Where you’re from? Grew up in suburbs of Washington DC, Graduated from Waseca

    My Favorites

    TV Show: Current? This is Us

    Movies: 80’s classics, anything John Hughes, Star Wars, Forrest Gump and “The Package” (The proposal movie my husband made for me! Check it out on Youtube! Check it out- 

    Apps: I don’t have space for apps, too many pictures on my phone.

    Books: to Kill A Mocking Bird, Harper Lee, The Sun Also Rises, Earnest Hemingway, Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared

    Diamond, Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown


    1. I collect vinyl records

    2. I am on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio- which makes sense, because many say I have a split personality!

    3. I am a die hard Vikes fan. #SKOL

    4. I do not drink alcohol

    5. Jalapenos are my favorite pizza topping

    6. I know American Sign Language, which is of no use to me in my radio career

    7. I once had aspirations to be an MTV VJ

    8. I do a pop culture column for Southern Minnesota Scene Magazine

    9. I have 2 biological children and 1 step child

    10. I am obsessed with cutting my split ends


    Addictions: Essential oils, Essie Nail polish, Oreo cookies & Milk

    Most Prized Possession: My mother’s wedding ring

    Dream Vacation: The beaches of Greece!

    Fave Restaurants: First of Thai in Faribault, El Molino in Waseca, and the Wagon Wheel in Mankato

    Fave Drinks: Any and all flavors of Jarritos Mexican Soda

    Fave Clothing Store: TJ Maxx, straight up, so cheap!

    Fave Music: 80’s New Wave and Old-School punk rock

    Typical Breakfast: Coffee

    Guilty Pleasures: I love watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette

    In My Purse/Wallet: a $2 bill from my grandma, my AAA card, and a single stamp, always.

    Pet Peeves: Racism, sexism, injustice of any kind.

    Volunteer Work/Charities: Team Captain and Emcee Waseca County Relay for Life, Emcee Miss Waseca Sleigh and Cutter and South Central Pageant

    More About Me: Radio is my passion, but I love late 80’s GM cars, (i.e. the Oldsmobile 88), my husband Wes and our kids, and I also sell shampoo. I live by these three things: Family, Faith and Hope… ok, and music.