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Johnny Marks

Johnny Marks


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    Johnny Marks has been in the radio biz for too long to be doin’ it for free. After plodding in college with no real direction, he naturally picked a job that allows him to sit around for 6 hours a day and do minimal amounts of physical labor.


    Where you’re from? Earth. St. Paul, MN more specifically  44.9537° N, 93.0900° W Latitude and longitude


    My Favorites:

    TV Show: WWE Raw, Simpson’s, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Movies: Dark Knight (or any Batman that doesn’t star George Clooney or Ben Affleck) Dick Tracy, South Park, Debbie Does… erm, anything Star Wars

    Apps: Ohh the usual socials.. gaming it’s Boom Beach (which has taken too much of my money) iHeartRadio and Luma Fusion

    Books: Oh, I LOVE Pride and Prejudice… it holds up the kitchen table perfectly. Also, Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission


    1. Really, you want 10?

    2. Wouldn’t five work?

    3. I’d rather just do 5…

    4. It’s a smaller, more manageable number…

    5. Ten, reeeally?!

    6. I can recite all the words to the movie Dick Tracy

    7. I’ve done radio in 4 different states and at one point, moved 4 times in 3 years

    8. I like to fix broken iPhones

    9. I have a coin/bill collection

    10. I always pick up pennies


    Addictions: Jaywalking, anything related to audio (or radio)

    Most Prized Possession: A $500 bill from 1934

    Dream Vacation: I’d love to go back to Mars. Especially in the winter when it’s cooler

    Fave Restaurants: Boulder Taphouse

    Fave Drinks: Cappuccino’s, latte’s and other $7 coffee drinks

    Fave Clothing Store: Um, Target? Old Navy

    Fave Music: Pop has grown on me… like legionnaires. I’m also a 90’s grunge fan

    Typical Breakfast: Last nights leftover dinner. BBQ chicken is AWESOME at 5am

    Guilty Pleasures: I typally use 46 emoji’s for a 4 word text message.

    In My Purse/Wallet: Lint. And not the fancy kind

    Pet Peeves: People with the fancy lint

    Volunteer Work/Charities: I don’t have one, feel free to send me money at the radio station. You know where I work…

    More About Me: Listen to the (expletive) show! I’ll tell you whatever you want there… 😉