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Dawson McAllister is recognized internationally as a gifted youth communicator. During his 35 year career he has spoken to millions of teenagers and young adults through television, student conferences, and radio. Dawson also succeeded as an author by publishing nearly twenty titles resulting in over one million copies in print. He began his national radio show in the early 90’s on various Christian radio stations. Starting with only five stations, his call-in talk show, Dawson McAllister Live! (DMLive) grew to be broadcast nationwide, and in 1994 was voted National Religious Broadcaster’s Talk Show of the Year. Shortly after the start of DMLive on radio, it became painfully clear that radio alone was not enough. Compelled by the burgeoning need of hurting young callers, Dawson created TheHopeLine — an off-air call center where one-on-one conversations might truly effect change in the lives of the callers.

Dawson McAllister is a graduate of Bethel College in St. Paul, MN and completed his studies at Talbot Theological Seminary. He holds an honorary doctorate degree from Biola University, and is recognized as one of today’s foremost experts on youth issues.
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