Johnny.  In college with no real direction, he naturally picked a job that allows him to sit around for hours...[more]

Cari.  She grew up on a farm near Waldorf, MN. She learned about her love of music at the age of 3 when she would continuously blare her...[more]

Stunt Monkey.  He started by filling the pop machine, then painting radio towers, mowing the station lawn and expert mouse removal...[more]

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Intern Cheddar's Commencement Speech

Dec 11, 2014 -- 12:05pm

Cheddar's last graduation requirement



Intern Cheddar's Commencement Speech by Hot 96.7 on Mixcloud


Confessions of the male roommate

Dec 10, 2014 -- 4:44pm
Tyler lives with Intern Megan, Intern Jen, and 2 other females. Here's what he has to say about it. Some of the answers may surprise you!

Confessions of the male roommate by Hot 96.7 on Mixcloud

Confessions of the male roommate part 2 by Hot 96.7 on Mixcloud

Intern Megan Gets Asked Out

Nov 25, 2014 -- 9:46am


Intern Megan Gets Asked Out by Hot 96.7 on Mixcloud


American Music Award Winners

Nov 24, 2014 -- 5:49am

Here's a complete list of the winners from Sunday's show on ABC:


Artist of the Year:  One Direction


New Artist of the Year:  5 Seconds of Summer


Single of the Year:  "Dark Horse"Katy Perry featuring Juicy J




Pop / Rock:


Favorite Female Artist:  Katy Perry


Favorite Male Artist:  Sam Smith


Favorite Band, Duo or Group:  One Direction


Favorite Album:  "Midnight Memories"One Direction




Soul / R & B:


Favorite Female Artist:  Beyoncé


Favorite Male Artist:  John Legend


Favorite Album:  "Beyoncé"Beyoncé



Rap / Hip-Hop:


Favorite Artist:  Iggy Azalea


Favorite Album:  "The New Classic"Iggy Azalea





Favorite Female Artist:  Carrie Underwood . . . She snaps Taylor Swift's five-year reign in this category.


Favorite Male Artist:  Luke Bryan . . . This is his third-straight year taking this award.


Favorite Band, Duo or Group:  Florida Georgia Line . . . They snap Lady Antebellum's four-year reign in this category.


Favorite Album:  "Just As I Am"Brantley Gilbert



Other Categories:


Favorite Artist - (Adult/Contemporary):  Katy Perry


Favorite Artist - (Alternative Rock):  Imagine Dragons


Favorite Artist - (Contemporary Inspirational):  Casting Crowns


Favorite Artist - (Latin Music):  Enrique Iglesias


Favorite Artist - (Electronic Dance Music):  Calvin Harris


Top Soundtrack:  "Frozen"


How'd They Make That Sound Effect?

Nov 18, 2014 -- 6:57am

Check out the full story:

The Sonic Boom: Book by Joel Beckerman and Tyler Gray


Tags: Movies, Sounds


Nov 14, 2014 -- 6:40am

We recieved this letter from listener Melissa who's also posted it on her Facebook. Check out her flat booty picture below too.

Hey Kim Kardashian,

THANKS. As a member of the Flat Booty Federation, may I say I am OVER YOU AND YOUR DONK. I awoke at 3:00 this morning to tend to my 15-month-old baby girl (yes, our daughters are the same age! Don't even get me started on what your choice of magazine spread might be doing to our kids in the future.)

At that ungodly hour of 3am, I turned to Facebook for a brief getaway from my problems. What did I see plastered up and down my news feed? YOUR HUGE, OILED-UP, BARE NAKED ASS. What does this do for me? What are you HOPING this does? For you or anyone else? We get it. OOOOH! HER BIG ASS IS ON POINT! Everyone's anaconda is gonna want some since she got buns hon!

You're a reality star who is famous supposedly only for being famous. But I know who you really are. You're a mogul who sells your brand for a HUGE profit. You're not dumb. You do things for a reason. So WHAT IS THE REASON?

Because I'll tell you what it does for me. First it makes me think you're photoshopped. Which makes me mad because, set a good example for your kid where she doesn't have to grow up trying to attain a standard of beauty that isn't real.

But what if it ISN'T photoshopped? Well that makes me mad because you're shoving your huge perfect ass in my face, taunting my flat butt that will NEVER be round because I wasn't born that way. But now I'm EXPECTED to have a round ass, so I better get to the gym, right? SQUATS, AMIRITE? Well NO MA'AM I am not literally working my ass off (or up?) so I can be what you're portraying. And why ARE you just your ass? Aren't you the mogul we just talked about? I hate to make it about your kid again, but please, for her sake, be known for something other than what you can bring to the table to make men drool.

P.S. Put your damn clothes back on.

P.P.S. For the last time, I'm not going to the gym. #NoSquatNovember

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