Ty James.  Ty is a native of San Diego, California, but has lived and worked in Minnesota for the past 20 years (thats a long time without hopping on a surfboard!).  Music has always been a part of his life, and he inherited his musical gifts, and interests - from his mom and aunt, who were both singers.  Ty was the lead singer in a band for 5 years in the mid 90's, and has collaborated, or performed with; Jewel, Beck, Stone Temple Pilots, No Doubt, Jacob Dylan, and Salvador Santana, among many others.

Ty is the epitome of a "sports junkie" - he watches only one channel - you guessed it, ESPN!  Ty played baseball and football in college, before playing 3 seasons of professional baseball in Mexico. He has also coached baseball and football on the youth and high school level.

But Ty's favorite thing in the world is just being a DAD.  He has a 13 year old son, Isaac - and the two are truly 'partners in crime'. A total animal lover, Ty claims that he can communicate with dogs and cats, and would've been a vet had it not been for radio.

Every afternoon is a party from 3-9pm

And who doesn't love a good party!


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A Few Random Thoughts For A Thursday Afternoon!

Apr 17, 2014 -- 7:04pm

It is true, that we live in a very, very, strange world.  Nothing anyone does should surprise us, but we continuously get news from around the world that makes us scratch our collective heads.  For example:

1) In the Lakeland, Ohio area, police are looking for a white female in her mid/late 30's - that keeps driving thru fast food restaurants and FLASHING THE EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS.  The police believe that the woman is usually drunk (No, you think?), and they know what kind of vehicle they are looking for.  How come nothing exciting like this ever happens when I'M at Taco Bell? LOL

2) Imagine sitting down to eat at your favorite restaurant with your family, and all of a sudden - giant cockroaches start falling from the ceiling onto your table!  That is exactly what happened at the Soho Sushi Restaurant in New York City.  I think I just may have nightmares if I ever had a dining experience like that.  And can you imagine how horrifying that would've been for any KIDS that may have been there that night!?  This sounds like something straight out of a horror movie!

3) A married man in Indiana who is unemployed, recently filed a police report claiming that $32,000 had been stolen from his house.  The cops investigated and found no evidence of a robbery.  The man then admitted that he made the whole thing up because he lied to his mistress and told her he was rich!  What a dummy!  Obviously this guy doesn't know how to play the game.  You don't lie to your mistress, you lie to your WIFE!  You don't have to lie to your mistress - THAT IS WHY SHE IS YOUR MISTRESS.  Let's be honest, her opinion shouldn't really matter - SHE IS THE MISTRESS.  I would never advocate cheating, but if you're gonna do it, at least don't make yourself look like a fool (which actually, may be unavoidable, lol).

3 Reasons to cheer on the Twins this season!

Apr 09, 2014 -- 7:03pm

Now that baseball season is in it's second week this year - there are a few realizations that we Minnesota baseball fans must come to grips with.  First of all, our beloved Twins are terrible.  There really is no two ways about it.  They may be just bad enough to lose 100 games this year, but I have two very good reasons why we should watch, and support, the Twins this year.

1)  We are a very young team.  In any professional sport, experience and confidence is of the utmost importance.  The Twins lineup, and pitching staff (especially the bullpen), are both very young.  We are starting alot of guys that probably don't even belong in the major leagues.  Other than Joe Mauer, there is nobody in the Twins lineup that any opposing team really has to worry about.  Our squad will get better as the year unfolds - but winning is something that young teams need to learn how to do, and we just aren't there yet.  Not even close.  But what I love most about these Twins is......

2)  They NEVER QUIT!  Our boys play hard, and they play 'til the final out.  I love that.  Manager Ron Gardenhire preaches the fundamentals, and the Twins play the game the right way.  Most of their games so far have been close, and competitive.  They will hold their own with many teams in the league, as witnessed by their 3-3 start to the season in Chicago and Cleveland.  However, we have lost the first two games of the current homestand to the Oakland A's - a playoff team the last few years.  This may be a reoccurring theme over the course of the season.  When we play really good teams, and face good pitching - we don't have much of a chance.  But we will win alot more games this year than people think, and I believe the future is bright.



Ty's Greatest 100 Songs Ever -- #65-61

Apr 03, 2014 -- 6:55pm

I can't believe we are almost halfway through the countdown!  Once again, these five songs represent a lil somethin' for everyone.  Enjoy....

65) Heaven - Bryan Adams (1985) -- Bryan Adams was a 'hit machine' back in the mid/late 80's, and his most powerful and lasting work, is "Heaven".  The song is heavily influenced by the Journey song "Faithfully", and was actually written while Adams was on the road, opening up for Journey.  In the song, Adams is reminiscing about the past, but while still recounting the present, and reminding his woman that she, indeed, is all he ever wanted.If there was ever a perfect song for a man to express his love and devotion to a woman, this is it.

64) You Really Got Me - The Kinks (1964) -- One of the single most influential songs in the history of music, "You Really Got Me" catapulted The Kinks into worldwide stardom.  The song contains what is probably the best, and most recognizable, power chords in the history of rock 'n roll - making this tune legendarily catchy. The song itself is just barely over two minutes long, but is still very relevant on the rock scene 50 years later.  Ray Davies may never get the credit he deserves as far as being a classic rock "heavyweight" - but he certainly deserves to be in that conversation.

63) Linger - The Cranberries (1993) -- The Cranberries were a 90's band from Ireland, and their first hit was their best song, 1993's "Linger".  Lead singer Dolores O' Riordan is on the record as saying this song is about her first kiss.  The song hits a little harder than that, though, as she describes being lied to, and cheated on, in colorful and descriptive detail. A song we can all relate to, but certainly during that time in your life when you are trying to 'get over' someone.  This song is a reminder that memories, good and bad, do linger.

62) I Melt With You - Modern English (1982) -- If you are a child of the 80's, you either remember this song from it's video, or from being in the movie 'Valley Girl' (starring a very young Nicolas Cage).  Either way, it is a fun little new wave love song that is actually about a couple that is making love as nuclear bombs are falling on them from the sky. Modern English was the epitome of a 'one hit wonder' - but they will live forever with the hypnotizing "I Melt With You".

61) Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake w/ Jay-Z (2013) -- When two of the classiest and most talented guys in the pop music world get together, the result should be something special, and it is with Timberlake and Jay-Z's "Suit & Tie".  The song is basically all about being; handsome, well-dressed, and filthy rich - all things that these two dudes know pretty well.  Timberlake has certainly put his own unique stamp on contemopary R&B music - and a perfect example of his skills and versatility, is the very dynamic "Suit & Tie".

Ty's Greatest 100 Songs Ever -- #70-66

Mar 28, 2014 -- 6:53pm

Once again, these five songs have a little something for everybody!  Here we go.

70) Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police (1983) -- The Police were perhaps the most important group of the new-wave movement of the early 80's - because they were the first British group of its kind to gain widespread acceptance and popularity, in the United States.  The "Synchronicity"  album is one of the best ever, certainly for that era.  In this song, Sting (who is one of the best lyricists, ever) describes being wrapped around a woman's finger.  But alas, by the end of the song, he has HER wrapped around HIS finger. If it were only that easy, lol.

69) Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (1981) -- Maybe the greatest love song of all time, "Endless Love" is a typical Lionel Richie song;  powerful and moving - while at the same time being lyrically perfect.  Nobody will really ever remember "Endless Love" the movie - but the song has withstood the test of time, and will probably live forever.  Only Richie could write, and perform, a song like this - and this duet with the ultra classy Diana Ross is certainly one that will evoke emotions, and even tears.  Its about the perfect love, an endless love - that all of us are searching for - until we find it, or until we give up.

68) Respect - Aretha Franklin (1967) -- This was a song written in 1965 by the great Otis Redding, but made world famous by the queen of soul herself, Aretha Franklin, in 1967.  Franklin's powerful and unmistakeable voice took this song to a completely other level, and basically launched her career.  She changed the song's original lyrics to fit her style, and the result was three minutes of musical perfection, not to mention an anthem for women, for decades to follow.

67) Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band (1977) -- There is a good reason that Steve Miller Band has their own star on Hollywood Boulevard.  The group had a slew of hits in the 70's and 80's, but my favorite song by the band is "Jet Airliner".  This tune reminds us that a great big airplane can take you home - or it can take you out on the road.  Ah, the life of a rock n' roll star back in the mid 70's!  This song will have you up on your feet, singing along, and probably strumming an air guitar, as well.

66) Too Close - Next (1997) -- Have you ever met someone that just made you straight out HORNY?  Well then, I have a song for you!  "Too Close" is a terrific song about a guy who is dancing with a female, while at the same time getting very aroused.  With lines like,"I feel a little poke coming through...." - "Girl I know you felt it", and "You're makin' it HARD for me!" - the innuendo is very clear.  Certainly a favorite of mine, but always a favorite on the dance floor, as well.


Coming next - songs #65-60.



Ty's Greatest 100 Songs Ever - #75-71

Mar 24, 2014 -- 6:41pm

Back to the countdown we go.  These 5 songs cover 5 decades, from hip-hop to an oldies classic.  Enjoy....

75) That's The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson (1993) -- The Grammy Award-winning "That's The Way Love Goes" is probably Janet's most heralded, and praised work.  An innovative and timeless song, that represents a bit of a 'coming out party' for Janet Jackson.  Before this, most of her songs were light-hearted and fairly whimsickle.  This song however, is downright nasty, as Janet is talking here about pleasure, and sex - and in quite the detail!  Janet is, without question, one of the most talented and beautiful women, ever to bless us with her musical gifts - and this is as sultry and sexy, as a song can possibly get.

74) C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan (1994) -- Until the day I die, I will always believe that next to Public Enemy - Wu-Tang Clan was the best and most important rap group in the history of hip-hop. Perhaps their best work was"CREAM", an acronym for "Cash Rules Everything Around Me".  The "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" CD is maybe the greatest in rap history, and whether it is; Method Man, The RZA, Ghostface Killa, Raekwon, etc. - the flow, and sheer rapping ability of the entire crew, is second to none.  This song is about real life, and growing up on the tough New York streets.  The group's goal being to "kick the truth, to the young, black, youth" - and it does even better than that, giving us all a dose of reality.

73) A Night Like This - The Cure (1985) -- One of the very best groups of the 80's new-wave invasion, was The Cure.  Frontman Robert Smith is a very clever song-writer, and this is a very simple, catchy love song.  It is about a man who has lost his love, and would do anything to get her back. "I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night - can't stand here like this anymore. For always and ever its always for you - I want it to be perfect like before."  If you've ever been broken up with, and it WAS YOUR OWN FAULT, then this is your song.

72) Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart (1978) -- In the late 70's everyone was dabbling in the disco world, and the great Rod Stewart was no exception.  "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" is a brilliantly written song about what basically is your classic one night stand.  A guy meets a gal in a club, and they subsequently go back to his place, and spend the night together.  He doesn't exactly kick her out the following morning, either, as the underlying message here is 'let's just stay in bed'.  Of course, it was 'anything goes' back in those cocaine induced "Saturday Night Fever" days of that era, and AIDS had not been heard of yet.  Therefore, he was given a pass regarding the song's lyrics, but still, this song is absolutely timeless, carefree, and fun.

71) My Girl - The Temptations (1964) -- Talk about a song that will truly be around forever. "My Girl" is a song that has been sung by every generation since its introduction into the music world 50 years ago.  Written by the great Smokey Robinson, and perfectly sung by the ultra soulful sound of lead singer David Ruffin - "My Girl" is three minutes of musical bliss, and perfection.  This is one of the most 'covered' songs in music history, and Ruffin said it "belongs to every man in the world that has ever been in love"......That would be most of us, bro! LOL

Coming next - songs #70-66.

"March Madness" & "Brackets" is when the real sports season begins!

Mar 19, 2014 -- 7:17pm

Ladies! If you have a man that watches nothing but ESPN and is obsessed with sports, then you may want to stop reading at this point.

OK, If you're still with me, way to stick it out!  Here's the thing - the REAL sports season starts with all this 'March Madness' stuff.  I will explain.

 Right about now, the whole world is trying to figure out who will win the college basketball national championship.  The madness lasts for about three weeks.  But guess what?  As soon as it is over, BASEBALL SEASON STARTS!

That puts us in May and June - when the NBA and NHL are having their playoffs.  Also, the triple crown of horse racing starts the first Saturday of every May with the Kentucky Derby, and all of the "majors" in golf and tennis.  Meanwhile, baseball is still going on almost every day of the spring and summer.

Luckily, by the time we are tired of watching our beloved Twins get their butt's kicked on a daily basis - it will be time for Vikings pre season.  Football season goes through December.

Basketball and hockey each get going in full swing by December, and those two along with NFL football take us right up to the big finish, on Super Bowl Sunday.

That leaves February as a pretty mild sports month.

Until March Madness starts.......and the vicious cycle begins again. 

Just remember ladies - he still loves you just as much........

you just may not have his full, undivided, attention.


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