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#InternProblems Life In A Cubical

As a fresh face to the office, I, the new intern Kayla, am loving it so far. Mainly because I’ve tried to get an “officey” type job over the past 3 years, so now that it is finally happening, I am experiencing the joy of sitting in… a cubical. That’s right. I want to sit…Continue Reading

A Quest Through the Labyrinth of Radio Mankato

Upon his first day at the land of, “Radio Mankato,” intern Tait embarked on what would soon be called; “A Perilous Quest.” Hours into his first day, intern Tait found himself needing to use a certain room. He then began his search. The corroders deep within the land of lost interns, also known as Radio…Continue Reading

#InternProbs No Himalayan Salt Lamps

Intern Cory reflecting on the first day here at Radio Mankato. I had a fun time with Ross, as he showed me the duties and responsibilities of the job. Stunt’s athletic ability seems to be questionable, as he gets unusually tired from 1-hour workouts. More to come on this story. Also, Ross has pointed out…Continue Reading

50 Things Women Do To Annoy Men

So a few weeks ago, the female interns made a list of things they don’t like about guys. Well, interns Alec, Joe, Otter, and myself put together our list of things that women do that we don’t exactly care for. 1. Excessive talking 2. Kissy/duck faces 3. Taking forever to “get ready” 4. Call 12…Continue Reading

50 Things Guys Do That We Hate

Men. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Here is a list of 50 things Intern Tanya, Intern Abby and I thought of that guys do that drive us nuts! 1. They don’t go to the doctor if they get injured but act like giant babies when they are sick. 2. Never read instructions.…Continue Reading

Hugs to Everyone; #PrayforOrlando

I’m going to be honest: It sucks being and intern at Radio Mankato today. As part of my duty, I get to help maintain the HOT 96.7 website and official Facebook site. Well, today is Day 1 back into the office since the massacre in Orlando leaving at least 50 people dead and 53 injured. The…Continue Reading