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There’s a Reason “Ice” and “Nice” Rhymne

We’ve all heard the old adage, “you can have too much of a good thing.” I’m here to tell you that that’s completely true. So now for some elaboration on the title of this article. Much like ice, niceness can be a great thing in moderation. Just the right amount of ice can make your…Continue Reading

Spring Break Blues

Alas, I am back¬†again. It is a weird feeling being back here at my same computer, same crappy computer chair, and same small cubical that I once sat in a few weeks ago before my saving grace – Spring Break. As a college student, this infamous week is meant to give us a week long…Continue Reading

A Once Eradicated Office Injury Is Again, On The Rise

For years I’ve thought I was safe from the pain and trauma of paper cuts. Yes, paper cuts. I know almost all of us have tried our best to bury those painful memories of slicing your fingertip on a manila envelope so deep that often the only remedy was amputation at the elbow. Yet, some…Continue Reading

How To Look Busy Doing Nothing

Being the over-qualified intern I am, I’m often left with copious amounts of “free-time” after completing my required tasks. Once this happens, I’m faced¬†with a very important decision… “Do I tell Stunt I have nothing to do and ask for more work? Or do I earn myself an Oscar and act like I’m swamped for…Continue Reading

Facebook, You’ve Ruined my Free Time

Dear Facebook,   We’ve been through a lot over the years. You’ve been with me through numerous “In a relationship” to “single” posts. You know my friends, family and even all my interests. I, I love you Facebook. But why did you have to go and add the “related videos” nonsense to every single video…Continue Reading

Unpaid Internship Leads to Disappointing Dating Life

Have any hot plans for Valentines Day? Going to the snazziest restaurant in town to really woe your “bae?” Maybe you’re getting your significant other the perfect gift so they can’t help but snuggle up with you later. Well I’m doing none of that because I have an unpaid internship. Yeah that’s right, I don’t…Continue Reading