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How To Choose The Appropriate Excuse When Late

When it comes to being late to your internship, there are a number of things you can do. The last thing you should do is bite the bullet and admit your mistake; always go down swinging. And besides, it’s way more fun fooling your boss and fellow coworkers. However, it can be just as easily…Continue Reading

What to Do When You Get Shhh’d as an Adult

Being shhh’d is extremely common and mostly warranted when you’re a child. I personally know a few people who could’ve stood for A LOT more shhh’ing growing up. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed for them. However, this does not answer the question, “what do you do when you get shhh’d as an adult.” So I’m…Continue Reading

An Interns Folly in Mental Preparedness

As the last few weeks of this dreaded internship come to a close, Intern Sam decided to do something no intern has dared to do before. Intern Sam made the ghastly decision to┬ákeep working. And I’m not talking about the, show up to work on-time smelling tolerable, kind of trying. But the actual (swivels around…Continue Reading

Intern Fails at Getting Noticed

Intern Jerry (or Gary) has been an intern here for… well no one really knows for how long. He just kind of was here one day with a box of donuts. His presence obviously wasn’t questioned at the time. Ever since his sudden arrival, Intern Jerry/Gary has tried to make a name for himself. He…Continue Reading

An Intern’s Birthday

Birthdays are a pretty special occasion. It’s the day that you blessed not only your family, but the world with your presence. That being said, it seems that every birthday gets a little less important. To the people around you at least. This begins to happen around age 18. A time when you expect to…Continue Reading

Workplace Etiquette? You Won’t Learn it Here

When you get your first real internship, you expect to learn a lot of things. Some of the most important things to learn are workplace etiquette. Because let’s face it, you’re first time in a professional environment is usually quite foreign. The dress code, language and overall way you conduct yourself is unlike any class…Continue Reading