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Dr. Pepper $500 Scholarship Giveaway

Calling all MSU students! You could win a $500 scholarship from Dr. Pepper at each MSU-Maverick football home game! Look for the Hot 96.7 van at the entrance to the game in lot 7, register and wait to hear your name at halftime! Must be a student of MSU and provide your student i.d.   Look for Hot…Continue Reading

Hot 96.7 Pepsi Pick Contest

Pepsi Pick

To participate with Pepsi Pick call in to the station for a chance to Win! Call 507-345-5800! Each morning (M-Th) we take a caller, and we ask them a basic question from the show. If the answer is correct, they score $20! If not, we up the ante by $20 each day (max $100) and try the…Continue Reading


Jersey Mike’s Office Hero

You could be an OFFICE HERO by winning a platter of amazing tasting subs for you and your co-workers from Jersey Mike’s with the Big Hot Morning Show with Johnny Marks and Cari. Working overtime? Boss a jerk? Crazy Customers? Whatever your reason, call into our studio line at 507-345-5800, and plead your case and tell Johnny…Continue Reading