Jun 03, 2013 -- 3:53pm

Stunt warned all the summer interns before starting the job that it may take him a while to figure out where we'd best fit in the station.

For whatever reason, he had a very specific idea of what he wanted my help with the minute I walked in the station. #SEXDECODED was born a week before I began interning and for whatever reason Stunt thought I'd be the perfect girl to explain what makes females tick. 

I didn't expect that describing my first assignment to my mother would begin with the words "Hey Mom, so, the show isn't actually about sex but..." Surprisingly enough, she got a kick out of the radio show's name. 

Apparently it's a catchy, wildly inappropriate name for a show and the looks she gets from coworkers are amusing. No one seems to be surprised that I've been able to come up with tons of material.

Because, you know, I'm that girl. The girl who says "five minutes" but means 45, the girl who says she's fine when she's anything but and, my personal favorite, the girl who actually wants to watch a movie when a guy asks her to "watch a movie." 

Stop reading this with those judging eyes. I already know should probably be worried that I fit the stereotypical girl image so closely, trust me. But hey, I got the gig and you can now hear me every Wednesday on Hot 96.7.

What's the most awkward thing you've had to explain about your job? Comment below or chime in on Twitter!

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