What Brand Or Product Would You Be The Face Of?

May 24, 2013 -- 12:34pm

With all of these big Celebrity endorsements we wanted to know what brand or product they would LOVE to be the face of.

Cari - Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Johnny - Oreos

Text Club:

7542 - Trojan
6276 - Dewalt radios
1664 - Nike because i just like to DO IT!!
3414 - Gold Cross Ambulance because my cousin used to be a paramedic with them.
2169 - smart phones
9574 - makeup company, Sephora
4735 - Apple
9688 - I'd totally endorse the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That thing is freakin' awesome.
5903 - milky way
9134 - cosmopolitan
6934 - Pebble. Just got my watch. Love it.
9813 -John Deere lawn mowers I use it every day and nothing runs like a Deere
0627 - Big red chewing gum. Cuz if you don't chew big red then f-you!!( taledega nights)
4890 - I would represent Walmart

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