What's ONE Thing You Would Change About Your Significant Other?

May 22, 2013 -- 8:20am


Let's be honest, there is at least one thing in EVERY relationship that you wish you could change about your significant other.  What's one thing you would change about your significant other with no penalties?

Cari's husband, Ben, said he would like Cari to stop being a hoarder of sex. (Ouch!)
Cari would have Ben switch from being a smoker to a non-smoker.

Johnny's wife, Hannah, wants to chop off his hands so he couldn't play on his phone or iPad.
Johnny would like to give Hannah more confidence (and maybe an inch taller.)

0436 - Id want him to have a healthy heart....he had a heart attack about a month into us dating..and that was his 2nd.

5246 - I would change my husband's ability to tune me out!

2966 - Stop biting his nails

4836 - STOP farting!

2131 - My wife never replaces the tp roll when its empty! The new roll will sit on the tank until its half gone before she finally 'has time' to switch it. I don't do it out of spite. Freakin annoying!

9557 - My wife needs to stop shopping. Every day she comes home with something new.

9272 - I wish he would stop complaining when he gets home at night. Once I want him to walk thru the door with a hug and a smile.

6648 - I would change the fact that he's my husband.

9674 - Would love him to be able to grow a full manly beard.

2115 - His temper. Gets upset over little things.

1758 - if I could change one thing about my partner it would be that she wasn't so sensitive.

9904 - I would like him to be more active. He is very overweight and I'm scared he might have a heart attack.

2264 - I hate the fact that she thinks bout things way to far in advance and then gets worked up cause she thinks things won't work out. She's an overthinker.

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