BULLY! Is The Word Being Used Too Much?

May 14, 2013 -- 8:09am


Johnny's 10 year old sister was recently called a bully by the school principal after she pushed a kid to the ground. What the teacher principal didn't witness is the boy who was pushed, insulted Johnny's little sister for being a tomboy. She didn't know how to react other than push him to the ground. We opened up the phone lines and asked if the term, "bully" is being overused by today's standards.


1758 - How are her actions any different from his words??? It was her way to hurt him like he did her.

2502 - If that's bullying then i'd hate to see what a worse situation would be labeled as.

5696 - I think u are very right. I dont think she should have gotten in trouble its just shows the boy that she is not afraid to stand up for herself

8878 - I think the term is over used but still think its ok to pick apart the littler stuff to prevent situations or behaviors from getting worse. It's just important to pay attention to what's going on.

1685 - yes, we live in a society that feels everyone needs a label, for all situations not just bullying

4773 - The word bully is used to much. AND kids aren't Born bullies we need to remember where they're learning from---The parents look at all the gossipy 40-year-old Out there---Adults need to set a better example

1607 - It is being way overused. Bravo for that girl standing up for herself. maybe if that kid didn't make fun of her first he wouldnt have got beat up by a girl.

9473 - I think using the term so losely devalues or draw attentions from those who are actually being bullied.

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