Would You Rather Date A Girly Man Or A Manly Man?

May 13, 2013 -- 8:15am


Manly Man -  A man who isn't afraid of getting dirty, doesn't shower on the daily, will go out for a beer or meal in ripped jeans and disheveled hair. This guy probably has tattoos, his vehicle is layered with fast food wrappers and enjoys rough sex.

Girly Man - A man who takes longer to get ready when going out with his significant other. He calls his Mom every day and invites her over on Sundays without spouse approval. This gentleman enjoys making love and doesn't swear.

7362 - Girly, I like a man with great style

1933 - Manly! I want a rugged guy who isn't afraid of getting dirty.

4846 - It's hard. I find sexy qualities in both. Sensitive guy who dresses well but can be an animal in the bed room.

9375 - I've noticed I'm more attracted to the dirtballs and sleazebag types but those relationships haven't ended well for me. I'm now dating a clean cut suit but miss the grubby oil stained jerks that made me wait up late at night wanting them to call.

7984 - I agree with the manly man because the girly man could be questioning lol

0712 - Manly man

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