Graduate Problems

May 10, 2013 -- 10:47am

End of the semester is here! Which means technically my internship here is done. BUT! I will continue to do some work here and there as Summer comes along and is in full swing. I'm graduating  tomorrow! (Saturday). And now I will be "actively seeking employment." Not sure how I feel about that. I don't feel like a grown-up, that's why interning here has been quite enjoyable. I asked a friend of mine to help me find a job and she sends me this:

Anyway, if you will be around the Mankato Area, you can find me at my summer job at Tourtellotte Pool. Stop by and say hi.

The #InternProblems blog will continue and I will be helping out at the station as much as my schedule allows me to.

What are you up to this Summer? Moving back home? Sticking around? Tell me and Hot 96.7 on Twitter. And wish Lindsey good luck!

See you this Summer!


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