Crazy Office Rules...

May 09, 2013 -- 7:03am


All things considered, your company probably treats you pretty well.  Because they have the right to come up with all SORTS of rules you'd have to follow, and in general, they probably show some restraint. What sort of crazy rules do you have to abide by in your office?

Call in:

Stephanie can't wear scented lotion or perfume to her place of employment, a local grade school, because the Principal doesn't like it. They also can't have Scentsy candles in rooms.

From the text club:

7208 - We are required to wear makeup and in one of my co workers review she didn't get a raise because she didn't wear makeup daily. I work for a staffing agency.

3339 - Can't wear the elastic bracelets that are popular. Like the "support breast cancer awareness" or  "epilepsy awareness". Might have a chemical in them that degrades quality of cables.

3393 - My supervisor told us we can't talk in Spanish during working hours but yet I'm expected to translate some documents to Spanish!

2346 - Were not allowed to kill insects because they think its killing nature.

8624 - No moving the furniture . . . violates the union rules to slide your desk over.

9173 - No Elvis sideburns.

1916 - No popcorn, either cooked in the microwave or from outside.

8621 - No cell phones . . . or even anything that looks like a cell phone in your pocket.

4623 - No saying "bless you" when someone sneezes, it's too religious.

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