May 08, 2013 -- 12:11pm


I'm doing a NEW segment on Hot 96.7 at 11:45 called; SEX DECODED! I am going take a phrase or word like "OK" or "You Decide"; something both men and women say, but have different meanings. Men and women are confusing! So I'll figure out which each sex means when they say the same thing.
Today's phrase: "It's Fine". 
Webster Dictionary, 1) of superior or best quality; of high or highest grade: fine wine. 2) choice, excellent, or admirable:
Men, it's simple we mean it's fine,  we agree with Webster.
Women, it mean's anything but fine! Guys, we may have a code red when this is muttered. There is a list of problems and you might be at the top.
Chime in with your thoughts below or on Twitter following Hot 96.7 or Stunt Monkey, use the hashtag #SexDecoded.


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