According To Mom The Most Stressful Number Of Kids Is...

May 08, 2013 -- 6:52am

If you've got two siblings, how about you all throw in a little extra for your Mother's Day present this year.  Because it turns out your mom had it WORSE than you realized.

A new survey asked more than 7,000 mothers to name the most stressful number of kids.  And the answer is . . . THREE.  Exactly three.

Mothers with three kids stress out more than moms with one or two . . . but also stress out more than moms with four or more.  Apparently once you have four kids, you hit a critical mass that somehow makes things less stressful.

60% say raising girls is more stressful than raising boys.  46% of women say their husbands cause them more stress than their kids do.

The survey also found the average mom ranks her stress level at an eight-and-a-half out of 10.  The biggest cause of stress is not having enough time to do anything.

And finally, in a VICIOUS CYCLE, 72% of moms say they stress out about how stressed out they are.

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