May 06, 2013 -- 2:26pm


Well guys, sadly I am going to be leaving Radio Mankato soon, next week will be my last. Let's just say Stunt isn't taking it well. He's going to miss me, he basically told me that I am his favorite intern, sorry Matt. But I'm graduating NEXT FRIDAY (very excited)!! So I've been starting my search for a job...

Anyways, I received a rather interesting piece of mail yesterday. It was a from a radio station from a town near by. In the envelope was a piece of paper describing a job position they had available and an application for employment. 

Nice right? I mean they are clearly interested in hiring me which is great, but one thing that gets me...I have never heard of them! Well that means I obviously didn't send in a resume, and Stunt didn't give them my information so how do they know me? How do they know my address? How do they know my life? Kinda creepy. 


What do you guys think I should do? Let us know what you think! Hot 96.7, Lindsey & Matt

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