Feel Good Thursday

May 02, 2013 -- 11:12am


Intern Rich and I have decided to try something new on Thursday. We are going to start sharing good news stories. We hear about them from time to time, but we wanted to highlight one story on Hot 96.7 a week... we are to call it: FEEL GOOD THURSDAY!

This week we found a great story about Danish scientists, they state that a cure for HIV may be found within the next few months.

According to the daily telegraph, researchers at Denmark's Aarhus University Hospital are extremely close to a breakthrough for an affordable cure for those living with the disease. The technique for the cure involves "flushing" the virus out of DNA reservoirs in the human body to the surface of the viral cell. Along with a separate vaccine, the human body could kill the virus on it own. Currently, 15 patients are participating in a trial by the Danish Research Council. 

Since the beginning of the year, there have been many advances in HIV research. Australian researchers claim to have found away to make the virus "self-destruct", while experts at Johns Hopkins functionally cured a baby with HIV by pumping it full of antivirals.

Information from the Daily Telegraph


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