Should Kindergartners Be Punished For Being Tardy To Class?

Apr 24, 2013 -- 8:04am


A school in San Antonio are giving kindergartners detention for being tardy when school starts. Do you think 5-6 year old kids should be reprimanded because the parents didn't drop them off for school on time? What sort of punishment should be handed out and to who?

Cari said that parents who don't manage their time well should be punished. Maybe by paying a having to pay $20 and that money goes to buying books or blocks, something educational for the classroom.


Here are some of the responses from our text club:

4775 - put the parents names in the schools monthly newsletter

2870 - they are too young to understand why.

1693 - If the students are causing the trouble than sure but if the parents are causing it than they are the ones that need to be held accountable.

9903 - I think this is ridiculous. My daughter got written up in kindergarten in Nicollet public school and was docked from her reward day at the end of the quarter. She was a couple minutes Late because she didn't walk to her locker fast enough. They don't understand. They are just kids and don't have this concept of time.

9126 - No they should not give kindegarteners detention give it to the parents

1900 - Like the newsletter idea but not on the kids. How would they feel when someone else was disciplining their child at such a young age.

2115 - That is horrible. Poor child. I wouldn't know how to punish the parent but could be determined by school.

2166 - My son is in kindergarten and I don't agree with detention for kids being late at that age, however at my sons school if I don't call him in by a certain time they call me and ask where he is. So they hold the parent responsible and this is a local school.

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