Fearless Viking Predictions!

Aug 07, 2014 -- 6:25pm

The Vikings open their season tomorrow night against the Raiders - and optimism is in the air here in Mankato.  Expectations are not very high for the Vikings this year, according to the experts.  The great thing about the 'experts' however, is that most of the time they are wrong!

If you are a fan of the Purple - but you don't want to have to actually sit through all 16 games this season, don't worry.  I have taken the time to forecast the outcome of every game this year, so fear not!  You don't even have to watch a single game....just read below, and you will know exactly how this season will turn out for the Vikings.  Here we go - hint, hint - get your playoff tickets now, lol!

Here are weeks 1-4, guaranteed, lol!

Week 1 at St. Louis Rams - WIN (30-24) - The Rams haven't been any good since Bill Clinton's first term. SKOL!

Week 2 vs. New England Patriots - WIN (19-13) - Tom Brady gets injured on the escalator at Mall of America, and has a bad game. We'll take it.

Week 3 at New Orleans Saints - WIN (33-30) - The Vikes have been waiting a long time for some payback from that NFC Championship Game loss a few years ago.  Brett Favre can't throw this one away. LOL

Week 4 vs. Atlanta Falcons - WIN (23-7) - The "D" is fantastic, the home crowd is raucous, and A.P. runs wild on the Falcons!

So far so good.  We are 4-0 after the first month.

If only it were this easy!

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