Ty's Weirdos for the Week!

Jul 09, 2014 -- 7:23pm

Have you ever seen someone out in public, or maybe even on TV - and you think to yourself,"What in the world is wrong with that guy/gal?  Me too, we probably all have.  Well, with that in mind, I found a few people this week that absolutely deserve to be made fun of.  Sometimes I do stupid stuff......but not this stupid, lol!  Check these stories out.

1) HORSIN' AROUND - In Alabama, police recently arrested a 45-year old woman who was attempting to rob a liquor store ON HORSEBACK!  When the cops arrived, they found the horse tied up in front of the store, with a bag of Keystone Light cans hanging from the saddle.  When police entered the store the woman was demanding cigarettes, and threatening store employees with a screwdriver.  Upon being arrested, the woman was heard screaming,"Just take care of Dino!" - Dino is living a comfortable, crime free life on a nearbye farm - while his former owner is sitting in jail.  Nowadays, I don't think anyone can get away with ANY CRIME ON HORSEBACK! LOL

2) WHAT'S THAT SMELL! - The police in Berlin, Germany got calls about a foul odor that was coming from inside an apartment.  The cops, thinking there was a dead body inside, prepared for the worst.  When they broke down the door, they found the tenant (a 24 year old male) sleeping next to a giant pile of dirty laundry.  The clothes, along with the man's dirty feet, were responsible for the smell.  Neighbors that were two blocks away were complaining about the stench.  How funky does a guy have to be to be offending neighbors that are a half mile away?  Can you be thrown in jail for being too stinky?  Maybe you should.

3) MAN FINDS GOD....KINDA - In Baton Rouge, Louisiana - there is a chef that claims he found God in an eggplant.  I will explain.  He was cutting open an eggplant, and he claims that the seeds inside the eggplant very clearly spelled out the word 'GOD'.  He claims it is a life-changing miracle.  So, if you are looking to find God - I suggest starting in the produce department! LOL

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