Would you rather they have psycho ex or super ex?

Apr 23, 2013 -- 7:55am

We're talking about those dreaded exes. Sometimes you luck out and the parting of the ways goes well. Other times the ex turns into a psycho and won't leave you alone, even after you start dating someone new. Other times your friends and family fall for a super ex but things don't pan out. So which ex would you rather have to deal with while dating someone?

Johnny and Cari both chose to deal with the psycho ex instead of a super ex. Psycho exes are already emotionally damaged and nobody wants to always be compared to a super ex.

2200 - Psycho. Maybe she'll join in on an "experimenting" night

3105 - Physco.... emotional ties are broken...

2751 - Psycho... It'll be like having my ex have the Overly Attached GF though...

Karen called in to say she would rather have a super ex because her boyfriend has a psycho ex who won't stop calling when she's drinking. The drunker she gets, the more she'll call!

Aly said she would rather deal with a super ex because her current husband's psycho ex claimed to be pregnant by him and even started a facebook page for her and the "baby". She later admitted she made the whole thing up because she wanted to get back together with him.


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