What weird urge or irrational thought did you have that you would NEVER act on!

Apr 23, 2013 -- 7:02am

Cari has always wanted to bring a baseball bat into  one of those department stores that sells glass crystal pieces and smash everything, but she never would. Johnny admitted to having an urge to shake a vending machine uncontrollably to see if any candy would fall down. Great response came in on the text club:

4674 - I want to kick in the department store glass with the heels!

6556 - sometimes I want to push people down escalators.

4707 - I've always wanted to stick my hand down a garbage disposal

6735 - I want to go into a movie theatre with all the popcorn then run around shaking the bag all over everyone so the popcorn goes all over and do this during a movie and then run out of the theatre.

5735 - What about those mall kiosks? Nobody is ever manning those things. I've always wanted to steal something from them to see if I could get away with it, but i never would!

9251 - I'm a pretty lanky guy, but every time I see some 6'4 jacked up dude, I get the urge to shove him as hard as I can and then just stand there see what he'd do.

3019 - Go down the laundry chute

1664 - I wanna slap a mime to see if he talks

2035 - I've always wanted to get in a high-speed car chase just to see if I could get away. I've even thought about what route I would take and how I would do it. It involves a parking garage and a storm sewer.

7737 - I have always wanted to just 2huck a rock at a car or a house, and see what the people would do. Although, i will never do it.

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