Why I Love The World Cup!

Jun 17, 2014 -- 7:40pm

I have recently caught "World Cup Fever" - especially after the United States' victory over Ghana yesterday.  So, to help the casual observer, I have come up with a short list of my three favorite aspects of this World Cup.  Here you go.

1) The USA's team is not very well respected by the other teams and nations of the world - simply put - they don't think that we are very good.  No problem!  That means there is absolutely no pressure on our boys - and they can play free and easy, as they did yesterday.  Forget WINNING the World Cup, if the United States can just make it past the quarter finals - it will have been our best World Cup ever!  That is a very real possibility.

2) I love that Brazil is basically in the same time zone that we are in.  Therefore, all the games, not just the U.S. games, are televised at a decent hour, just as if they were being played here, in the midwest somewhere.  We will appreciate this more in 4 years when the World Cup is in Russia, and we are forced to watch our American squad play at 3am!

3) The World Cup seems like the ultimate party - and there is no doubt that there is 'mucha fiesta' going on in Brazil this month.  There is constant; music, singing, and dancing.  Everyone appears to be in a great mood, whether their team wins, loses, or draws.  After all, its just a game.  Great sportsmanship is shown by all 32 teams. We Americans should take a cue from that.

So, don't forget our American slogan for our team - "I believe that we will win."

Keep those fingers crossed - and lets hope for another big win against Portugal on Sunday!

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