Relationship 101 is Here!

Jun 02, 2014 -- 6:25pm

Everyone could use some informative, and helpful, relationship advice.  I am in no way the one that should be giving it, however! LOL.  That is why when we do "Relationship 101" every Tuesday @6:15pm - I throw the question out to you, the listener.  I will take your calls and messages, and we will talk about other people's relationship issues.  We will try to help them out, but we are sure to have quite a few hearty laughs along the way, as well.  

Among the relationship questions we will tackle in the upcoming weeks, are;

1)  What to do when your BF/GF is chained to their phone 24/7, even sleeps with it.  What does that mean?

2) "My bf still talks to his ex and her family ALL THE TIME, and they do not have kids!  Going berzerk, what should I do?"

3) My new bf is terrible in bed, and does absolutely nothing that pleases me physically - how do I fix this?

4) The wife has put on 80 pounds since the wedding, and she never wears make up anymore, or dresses nice.  I am not really attracted to her anymore. Help?

5) "I only get sex when my gf is drunk.  I want the sex, but I don't want to be with someone who is drunk all the time.  What should I do?

6) My new gf is allergic to cats, and I have 3 of them.  I'm not giving up my pets, but I really like this girl, and I want her to want to come over to my place.  How can I fix this?


Do any of these problems look familiar?  Then you can certainly help someone out!  Make sure you listen for Relationship 101 - every Tuesday @6:15pm.

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