Insane Selfies

Apr 15, 2014 -- 1:50pm

This “selfie” craze seems as though it’s here to stay. Hot 96.7 has definitely taken advantage of this at events and online. First it was at the Mankato Career expo, where herds of teenagers scrambled to our booth to take snap some shots next to the Selfie wall. This was a success. Now followers are have to opportunity to send in their selfies to Hot 96.7, via Instagram, for the chance be in our video. #Hot967Selfie.

Yes, the song by the Chain Smokers is awful. In fact, I completely despise it. However, I find it hilarious to see what some people go through just to take an insane selfie. For some, I imagine horrific end results, based off of their positioning and body contortion in the photo. I’ve found a couple of photos that I think best qualify as an “insane selfie”. 


Pretty sure I wouldn't want to be in any of these scenarios.

Remember, follow @hot967 on instagram and tag your selfie for a chance to be in our video. But please, dont hurt yourself in the process!

#Internproblems #insaneselfies

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