Apr 19, 2013 -- 11:53am


In the wake of the tragedy in Boston and the pursuit of those responsible. We here at the station are tuned into CNN watching the story unfold as authroities and SWAT teams are following leads.

Our hearts at Radio Mankato go out to everyone affected from the recent events and the chaos that is following. 

It is easy for people to lose faith in others at times like this, but we must not overlook the help and support that we are capable of.

With everything floating around the internet, we cannot believe everything we see, hear, or read. It will just make us more upset. Expressing negatively with strong words won't do much. Instead we can show our support and care for the vicitims and their families. 

An obvious way to help is to donate. But be wary of fradulent and scam charities. The best way to go with this is to donate through a recognized organization such as The One Fund Boston which was set-up by the Governor of Massachusetts and the Mayor of Boston in response to the bombings. As of this morning over $10 million was raised.

Adidas, the official sponsor of the Boston Marathon is selling Boston Tribute t-shirts. 100% of proceeds go to The One Fund Boston organization. T-shirts are $26.20 and ship for free.

I have come across the Facebook page, 26 Acts of Kindness, that came live since the Sandy Hook Shooting. It has now become a support page not just for Newton, but also for Boston and West, TX.  They do not take donations, but you can write a letter that expresses your support for those affected by the recent events and mail it to 26 Acts of Kindness. 

Here is what was posted on their page:


Please share this with your friends and family.

The Boston community is in need of signs of love and support, and that's what we are all about. Please consider sending a card or hand written letter showing you care. These letters will be reviewed to make sure they are appropriate and then forwarded to the Boston community to pass out to whomever wants them. Do not send any donations at this time, this page is not authorized to collect on their behalf. We only want to show support and love through words and kind acts.

26 Acts of Kindness
PO Box 185083
Hamden, CT 06518

Together we can stand up for one another and spread love, not hate.

Last time I checked, postage is only 46 cents. 

It's hard to stay positive in times like these, but it is rewarding to show support and care than to just watch the news and speculate.

To further your help, you can share this information on Facebook or on Twitter with the topic #BostonStrong.

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