Intern Initiation

Apr 08, 2014 -- 2:32pm

If you were to ask me if I enjoy interning at Hot 96.7, my answer would of course be, yes. However, if you were to ask me if my time here has been completely glamorous, I’d say no. Recently, three situations have occurred that were far from sensational. When combined I consider them to be some sort of intern initiation.

Situation 1: Intern Lauran and I arrived and found a large stack of papers on the intern desk with a note that said, “Organize”. So that is what we did. Two hours later the entire office was covered with papers, sticky notes, and manila folders. Usually I enjoy doing this, however feelings of frustration did surface near the end.

Situation 2: Stunt has been working hard at creating intern nametags and t-shirts for events. However, his crazy schedule has kept him from completing them when I started here. Therefore, at some of these events I’ve been addressed as intern, or “you”. Luckily, I’m not too offended by this, mostly because I’ve been promised a shirt as a parting gift when I graduate in May.

Situation 3: This last one seems to top them all. At the Maverick Mini-Mile on Saturday, I worked with Intern Lauran, Stunt and Johnny. This was a very fun event, full of tiny runners, mascots and student athletes. Everything ran smoothly. My concern occurred after the race, as we were about to leave. We all decided to go out to eat and needed to take the Hot Van to get there. Unfortunately, there are only two seats in it. Intern Lauran and I jumped in the back, struggling to stand as Johnny drove. Now, the positive side of this is that they gave us a ride and didn’t make us walk. However, the fact that a cage separated us from them was a little much.

Looking back, I feel as though I have been officially initiated as an intern. Sure, these situations may not seem ideal, but they actually make me laugh when I think about it. Truth is, I love working here and am going to miss it when I leave. Plus, stunt is in the process of hiring more people, so I suppose it’s my turn to pass along the intern torch.

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