Ty's Greatest 100 Songs Ever -- #70-66

Mar 28, 2014 -- 6:53pm

Once again, these five songs have a little something for everybody!  Here we go.

70) Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police (1983) -- The Police were perhaps the most important group of the new-wave movement of the early 80's - because they were the first British group of its kind to gain widespread acceptance and popularity, in the United States.  The "Synchronicity"  album is one of the best ever, certainly for that era.  In this song, Sting (who is one of the best lyricists, ever) describes being wrapped around a woman's finger.  But alas, by the end of the song, he has HER wrapped around HIS finger. If it were only that easy, lol.

69) Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (1981) -- Maybe the greatest love song of all time, "Endless Love" is a typical Lionel Richie song;  powerful and moving - while at the same time being lyrically perfect.  Nobody will really ever remember "Endless Love" the movie - but the song has withstood the test of time, and will probably live forever.  Only Richie could write, and perform, a song like this - and this duet with the ultra classy Diana Ross is certainly one that will evoke emotions, and even tears.  Its about the perfect love, an endless love - that all of us are searching for - until we find it, or until we give up.

68) Respect - Aretha Franklin (1967) -- This was a song written in 1965 by the great Otis Redding, but made world famous by the queen of soul herself, Aretha Franklin, in 1967.  Franklin's powerful and unmistakeable voice took this song to a completely other level, and basically launched her career.  She changed the song's original lyrics to fit her style, and the result was three minutes of musical perfection, not to mention an anthem for women, for decades to follow.

67) Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band (1977) -- There is a good reason that Steve Miller Band has their own star on Hollywood Boulevard.  The group had a slew of hits in the 70's and 80's, but my favorite song by the band is "Jet Airliner".  This tune reminds us that a great big airplane can take you home - or it can take you out on the road.  Ah, the life of a rock n' roll star back in the mid 70's!  This song will have you up on your feet, singing along, and probably strumming an air guitar, as well.

66) Too Close - Next (1997) -- Have you ever met someone that just made you straight out HORNY?  Well then, I have a song for you!  "Too Close" is a terrific song about a guy who is dancing with a female, while at the same time getting very aroused.  With lines like,"I feel a little poke coming through...." - "Girl I know you felt it", and "You're makin' it HARD for me!" - the innuendo is very clear.  Certainly a favorite of mine, but always a favorite on the dance floor, as well.


Coming next - songs #65-60.



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