Confess Your Mess

Apr 18, 2013 -- 7:03am

It's Thursday! Time to Confess Your Mess to the text club! No phone numbers are read out loud during this segment. Lift the weight of guilt off your chest while remaining anonymous. Here are today's confessions:

Im in love with my bestfriend & I don't know how to tell him or my current boyfriend.

I told my parents that I stopped smoking, bit actually I haven't. It is a hard habit to break.

We were staying at a friend’s ski house and I had a stomach bug. I woke up in the middle of the night having crapped my pants, and soiled the sheets. My wife and I did a late night load of laundry and never told the hosts.

I'm in a relationship with a married man.

I hate my job and want to quit but scared I won't find another.

I found a recipe In my boyfriend car for a 900 ring at kay jewelry and when he was working I ripped apart our room to find it and when I found it the room was trashed and I feel asleep before cleaning the room again and when he asked why the room had been destroyed I told him i was looking for a pair of shoes I feel he believe me but then the next day he asked me where the shoes were and I never answered p.s the ring is beautiful and he hid it in a x-box game case.

I ate at mc donnalds after I went too the gym.

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