Ty's Greatest 100 Songs Ever - #90-86

Mar 03, 2014 -- 11:22am

Welcome back to the countdown of the 100 Greatest Songs Ever - ACCORDING TO ME, LOL!  But seriously, I love music of all kinds, and these next five songs are an example of just that.  Enjoy your trip down 'Memory Lane'.

90 - "Breathe" - Faith Hill (1999) -- Though Faith Hill did not write this song, it is perfect for her - and lets be honest, the video is unforgettable - one of the absolute sexiest ever, without question.  There are few women in the history of American music that are as beautiful as Faith Hill, but she is also a 3-time Grammy winner, with nine #1 songs on the Billboard country charts. "Breathe" is simple, but very sexy - as we are reminded how incredible it can be to be so close to someone, that you can actually hear them 'breathe'.

89 - "Mo Money Mo Problems" - Notorious BIG w/ Puff Daddy (1997) -- As proof of just how good Biggie was in his day, he remains the only artist in the history of American music to have two #1 songs posthumously, and this was one of them.  With a little help from Puffy and Mase (and Diana Ross), this will always be one of the best songs in hip-hop history - and a very good reminder of just how skillful the Notorious BIG, really was.  Guaranteed to make you get off your feet.

88 - "Lips Like Sugar" - Echo & The Bunnymen (1987) -- OK, I admit, I love the British dudes.  But "Lips Like Sugar" is a terrific song that absoluetly captures everything that new wave music was all about, in three minutes.  Echo & the Bunnymen had their own very distinct sound, and this is a clever little song about a woman that is so sweet, she has 'Lips Like Sugar' and gives 'sugar kisses'.  But in the end, she turns out to be just a big tease, and she floats away to 'other shores'.........I wish this one didn't hit so close to home, if you know what I'm sayin', lol.

87 - "You Are Everything" - The Stylistics (1971) -- Without question, this is one of the best love songs of all time.  This was the sixth single off the debut album from the very soulful group out of Philadelphia.  This song is about wanting, and desperately needing, that certain woman back in your life - and not being afraid to scream it from the rooftops.  This is one of the most 'covered' songs in music history, and it is easy to see why.  Truly, a timeless classic - and a great example of what a real 'love song' should sound like.

86 - "This Is For The Lover In You" - Shalamar (1981) -- With Howard Hewitt and Jody Watley among its members (Jeffrey Daniel the other), I would consider Shalamar somewhat of a "Supergroup".  This is a song that will grab ahold of you from the very first line,"It's got to be real - girl I could write a book on how you're makin' me feel".  Its about making the decision that this woman, is the right woman, and telling her that,"This ring - it means I'll always be true!".  Hewitt's vocals are incredible, and the message is one that everyone loves, and can relate to.

See you soon for #85-81!

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