Ty James' Greatest 100 Songs Ever -- #95-91

Feb 25, 2014 -- 5:59pm

The next 5 songs in our countdown represent everything from modern rock, to old soul.  Here we go.

95) Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant (2008) -- Lead singer Matt Schultz said that this song was inspired by an old co-worker of his that was a drug dealer.  That sounds about right - as this song is about the wickedness and dishonesty in everyone.  Some are wicked because they have to be to survive, but some are wicked just because they can be.  According to the lyrics, whether you are; a prostitute, a preacher, or just a regular guy - "There ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good".

94) Poison - Bell Biv Devoe - (1990) -- Bell Biv Devoe was a spin-off group from the very successful New Edition, and they busted on the scene in 1990 with the very catchy, "Poison".  "Poison" is a song that very cleverly warns one of the dangers and pitfalls of falling in love.  The song's place in hip-hop history is undeniable, and it was deemed the #1 song on VH1's list of the "40 Greatest R & B Songs of the 90's".  BBD was an important part of the 'New Jack Swing' style of the early 90's - a cross between R & B and hip-hop.  This is a song that will ALWAYS sound good.  And the message isn't a bad one either, lol. 

93) Love Removal Machine - The Cult (1987) -- One of my favorite bands of the 80's was The Cult.  Simply put, they rocked like no other did at the time, period! The Cult was much different from many of the other 'post punk bands' of the early-mid 80's - as they had their own powerful, and unique, sound.  Ian Astbury is one of the more charismatic lead singers of all time - yet he exudes a simple, straight-forward sexiness, that many since have imulated.  "Love Removal Machine" is about a woman that you know is no good for you, that you know will steal your heart, that you know will leave you high and dry - and yet she's so incredibly hot that you want her anyway.  There are many of us that have been there. 

92) Sister Golden Hair - America (1975) -- Unfairly categorized as a folk group, America is one of the better classic rock groups ever, and have certainly stood the test of time. This song was directed and composed by George Martin, who was a world famous music producer at the time, due to his work with The Beatles.  This is a smooth, easy-flowing song that definitely has a laid back southern California feel to it.  Its a very cleverly written song, proving that there is beautty in simplicity. Any man that has ever wanted some woman that happened to be a blonde - was singing "Sister Golden Hair whether he knew it or not.

91) Human - The Human League ( 1986) -- The Human League enjoyed considerable mainstream success in the 80's, and their best work is the apologetic "Human".  It starts out as a man telling his gal not to cry, and not to worry about his transgressions while the couple was apart.  But at the end of the song, he is told by his woman,"while we were apart, I was human too."  Hey, fair is fair!  But the point of the song is that everyone makes mistakes, and with true love comes forgiveness and patience.  Certainly an 80's anthem.

Coming Friday, #'s 90-86....

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