The 100 Greatest Songs Ever!

Feb 20, 2014 -- 2:13pm

A friend of mine that works at a radio station in St. Cloud, MN recently challenged me to come up with a list of my "50 Greatest Songs Ever".  As I began formulating my list, it donned on me that there were much more than 50 great songs out there - so I modified the list to make it now the greatest 100 songs ever.

Starting on Monday with songs 100-96, check my blog every M-W-F for installments of my Greatest 100 Songs Ever, until we make our way to #1.

This will be a fun look back at some of the best artists in the history of music, and a few obscure bands and songs that perhaps you've never even heard of.  After all, this is MY list - I'm sure yours would be very different.

I am an 80's guy, but I tried to be very fair as far as including songs from different genres, eras, and styles.  There will be something for everyone; rock, pop, country, R & B, etc.

Check back here on Monday, as I will start the countdown of my 100 Greatest Songs Ever!

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