A Little Post - Valentines Day Rant!

Feb 17, 2014 -- 4:04pm

I sincerely hope everyone had a terrific Valentine's Day weekend.  I had a great one, but I found a few news stories that I thought were worthy of commenting on.  In case you missed it;

1)  Couples in Latvia celebrated Valentine's Day by bungee jumping out of cable cars WHILE TOTALLY NAKED!  Hey, I love bungee jumping -- and I love being naked -- but I don't know if I could ever bungee jump while naked.  There were @ 200 people there watching and participating.  That's being nude in front of alot of strangers.  I couldn't do it......OK, maybe with a little "liquid encouragement" - LOL!

2) A guy in Phoenix escaped from jail by climbing two walls and crawling through razor wire, all to be with his girlfriend for Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately for him, his gal informed him when he arrived that there would be no sex because it was 'that time of the month'.  Before he even had time to get mad - the police arrived and took him back to jail.  That's a BAD DAY!

3) A woman in Barcelona, Spain is suing a bar, because their toilet EXPLODED WHILE SHE WAS SITTING ON IT! She is very lucky to have only suffered burns on her legs and butt.  As a man, I can't imagine sitting on a toilet, and having it explode while I was on it.....I probably wouldn't be much of a man anymore, right?  Yikes!

4) Charlie Sheen is marrying a porn star - is there anyone out there that DIDN'T see that coming?

5) AshleyMadison.com (a website for cheaters) says that the Monday following Valentine's Day is the biggest day of the year for ladies that are looking for a new man!  Apparently, many women that are not happy with their relationship, wait to see how Valentine's Day goes, and if it is at all a disappointment they seek others.  That's right guys - if you didn't do much for your gal this past Friday - your days just might be numbered, lol.

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