Starbucks Vs. Dumb Starbucks

Feb 11, 2014 -- 11:56am

parody coffee shop opened over the weekend in L.A. called Dumb Starbucks. It mimicked the real Starbucks but puts the word "dumb" in front of everything on the menu.

Starbucks responded by saying, "We appreciate the humor, but they can't use our name." Starbucks is a protected trademark.

At a news conference the people behind the shop admitted the entire thing was a publicity stunt for a Comedy Central program. Nathan Fielder is the guy behind the gag. Fielder is the star of the Comedy Central reality show, "Nathan For You" and he's known for pranks.

The health department ended up shutting the shop down over lack of permits.

Fielder says he can't be sued for using the Starbucks name since he was doing a 'parody' of their brand. Apparently, that protects him from a lawsuit. 

Starbucks wouldn't say if they're planning to sue or not saying, "We're evaluating our options."


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