Dec 04, 2013 -- 10:13am
Tis the season for a holiday themed edition of #SEXDECODED!
Today's topic deals with how men and women approach Christmas shopping.
Stunt Monkey is a get in and get out sort of guy. Either he'll buy something shiny for his lady friend she'll love or something practical she'll actually use. The entire experience is quick, stress free and generally last minute.  
Intern Chelsea views the shopping experience a little differently. Whatever she gets her guy has to be perfect, thought out and well planned. If he doesn't love it, she very well may have a panic attack. Stunt doesn't totally understand why Christmas stresses her out and probably never will. 
Chime in on how YOU approach Christmas shopping, commen t below or on Hot 96.7's Twitter with the hashtag #SexDecoded!

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