Nov 20, 2013 -- 10:31am
#SEXDECODED is back and stronger than ever with Stunt Monkey representing the guys and the all-knowing Intern Chelsea reppin' the girls. 
This week's topic of discussion is all about the phrase "Are you tired?"
Stunt Monkey was quick to decipher it for the boys: If he asks you whether or not you're tired, ladies, he's asking whether or not your tired. Just that. Chances are he wants to hit the hay and is hoping you're ready for a little shut eye yourself.
Intern Chelsea claims that most of the time, girls mean something a little different by the innocent question. Nine times out of ten, she's wondering whether or not you're already sleeping. If you are, kudos! You just missed out on a heart to heart. But if you're not, there odds are she has something she wants to talk about. 
What do you mean when you ask "Are you tired?" Comment below or on Twitter with the hashtag #SexDecoded!

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