Team No Nickname

Nov 19, 2013 -- 4:57pm

The real struggle of being a radio intern comes not from the hours or lack of nap room, as Intern Phil so eloquently pointed out, but rather the need to fit in.

Being that most of us are nearing the end of our education or, like me, are recent graduates -- finding our place in the world is an important undertaking. Between balancing real jobs, attending class, doing homework, maintaining a social life and, heaven forbid, making time to sleep around our hectic intern lifestyle, it's crucial to feel like a part of the team.

Stunt explained upon accepting our internship that receiving a nickname would play a vital role in our initiation to the Radio Mankato street team. Naturally, we all looked forward to receiving what we hoped would be flattering nicknames.

As a seasoned vet of the intern team, I've seen many nicknames come and go. Intern Uh-Oh, Top Gun and D. -- I even had the opportunity to dub a new intern "Rook."

That being said, I still don't have a nickname. Apparently Intern Chelsea is catchy enough on its own.

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