The Real Intern Problems

Nov 12, 2013 -- 3:33pm

Ayyy Intern Phil here. I haven't actually written any of these blog entries to this point, but I figured it was time to contribute to this wonderful series. While looking back as some of the past entries, I noticed that while the writing has been absolutely immaculate and the stories beyond fascinating, there hasn’t been much mention of actual intern problems. Since, of course, the blog is titled #InternProblems, I feel we have been slightly misleading, and it’s time to set the record straight. Therefore, I will list here a number of serious problems that other interns and I have encountered while working at this very station..

Problem 1: Not enough money. Give me money please.

Problem 2: The lighting situation is at times questionable. This is actually because Stunt chooses to work with the lights off. That is not normal. Gotta love him, though.

Problem 3: Bree House sometimes builds up stories that aren’t really that interesting, but then doesn’t emphasize actually good stories????

Example A:  You are NOT gonna believe what happened today!!!.. I totally spilled toothpaste on my favorite shirt!!

Example B:  Yeah I got in a crash the other day. The windows like shattered and stuff.

Problem 4: One time I had to film a Vlog for Stunt.. AND IT WAS RAINING. Can you imagine the slight inconvenience?

Problem 5: We have to get up kind of early sometimes.

Problem 6: One time we had an intern meeting at Wow Zone and all played some Laser Tag. I didn’t win. A real confidence deflator that was. (Yes it was free laser tag (and pizza), but that’s besides the point here).

Problem 7:  No nap room. How am I suppose to nap?

So there you have it. I know what you’re thinking.. “How do you cope!?”.  Well we just take each day one at a time and we push through it. We appreciate your sympathies for the obviously difficult conditions in which we are forced to endure. I sometimes think I’m being a bit melodramatic, but after creating this list, clearly not! Honestly, though, it's pretty fun here!

If you would like to offer your condolences or support please do contact the Hot 96.7 Twitter page here.


ATTENTION: On a more serious note, I want to point out that there are people elsewhere in the world, who are experiencing actually serious problems right now. Many of you have probably heard about the recent devastation in the Phillipines, with a typhoon that has taken the lives of over 10,000 people. Hot 96.7 sends its thoughts to the victims, and here is a link to a Huffington Post article, which shows how you can help!

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