Oct 16, 2013 -- 10:57am
It's another #SEXDECODED Wednesday!
The topic of the day is the word "WOW." What does it mean when people of the opposite sex say "WOW?"
Intern Chelsea was quick to explain that if a woman says "wow" it means you have generally done something, thought something or were going to do something wrong that has left her at a complete loss of words. In short, this word is a WARNING. Proceed with caution!
Stunt Monkey thought men are saying exactly what they are saying. Instead of saying it for a situation, men are more apt to say it when their woman is looking really nice. (Intern Chelsea didn't believe him for a second.)
Let us know what you mean when you tell your significant other "wow!" by commenting below or on Twitter with the hashtag #SEXDECODED.

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