I Like You

Sep 25, 2013 -- 11:30am

Another week of SEX DECODED! Hot topic this week, "I LIKE YOU!" What does it mean when a man says it compared to a woman?

Intern Chelsea chimes in and says it means they like what you're doing, the attention you're giving, or just in general how things are.

Stunt Monkey says, "women say it when they want something. HA!" But really, when a guy says "I like you," he probably (98% sure) really likes you! It's almost giving you permission to be clingy. If he didn't "Like YOU," then he would say your fun to be around or some business like that.

What are your thoughts on what "I LIKE YOU" means? Comment below or chime in on Twitter at Hot 96.7 using the hashtag SEX DECODED!

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