Guess who caught a cold

Sep 17, 2013 -- 5:12pm

There is nothing worse in the world of radio than a cold. 

I found this out today when Stunt and I were working on our #SEXDECODED segment. It was nearly impossible to not sniffle or cough or clear my throat when we were recording. I'm surprised Stunt was willing to sit in the same room as me for a half hour.

Even worse? Every jockey in the studio has been avoiding me as if I am a ticking time bomb, ready to infect them all with a flesh eating disease at any moment. 

They won't even offer me a tissue. 

I'll be out of the office until further notice drowning myself in cold medicine, enjoying chicken noodle soup and building a blanket fort. When the rest of the gang gets sick, they won't be invited inside.

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