Trivia Problems

Mar 27, 2013 -- 5:24pm

Today, Stunt was super busy complaining about office spaces and not knowing where Johnny and Cari were before lunch. So he had me help him out with a round of trivia for tonight at Boomtown.

I asked what kind of topic he would like and he said "whatever, I trust you. Just email me it when you're done."

So I just did the first thing that came to mind.

Is there something wrong with me when Nic Cage is my go to for everything? And I haven't even seen the Wicker Man, but I have seen the infamous "bee scene."

What topics or categories would you like to see at Boomtown Trivia? Comment below or get at Hot967, Lindsey, or Me on Twitter with #InternProblems. And don't forget to come out to Boomtown on Wednesday nights for 2 for 1's and Trivia!

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