Top 5 Lies You Tell Your Significant Other

Aug 20, 2013 -- 11:11am

Usually at Hot 96.7, we're pretty honest people... but sometimes, you just gotta lie. And sometimes, you lie to your significant other. This week's Top 5 Tuesday showcases the top 5 lies that I have said to my significant other.

5. Ohh... I didn't even see it. Was it THAT short of a skirt?

4. Oh, sorry .. I wasn't listening. 

3. Those jeans look great. 

2. No, I love your mother coming over!

1. I'm fine. 

Intern Kelsey and Intern Kendra are on the same page with their answers. Both of them lie about how much they spend! Typical women... 

Do you lie to your significant other? And if so, what do you tell them? Chime in below or Tweet us at Hot 96.7 or Stunt Monkey

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