Clown Car of an Office

Jul 23, 2013 -- 3:30pm

Normally I put in my office hours on Monday. This week was weird, however, and I had to come in on Tuesday instead. As it turns out -- a LOT of us had to come in on Tuesday. There is currently an intern on every open computer, one working from their iPad and another working on an art project on the floor. Five of us are crowded into our office trying to get our stuff done. 

Naturally, absolutely nothing is getting done. Instead we're bouncing ideas back and forth about upcoming events and totally sensationalizing what is feasible and what will be our reality. We all keep talking louder and louder to be heard over each other. We're all but shouting back here in Stunt's office and poor Stunt is in the corner trying to concentrate. 

I think he might ask us to go "work outside" pretty soon. 


I suppose if you stick five 20-something year old interns in a small space that this should be expected. Good thing we're young enough to not mind sitting on the floor! (You know, even though I'm using this blog as the reasoning why I deserve a computer over everyone else!)

- Intern Chelsea


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