Jul 17, 2013 -- 12:18pm

Welcome back to #SexDecoded Wednesday!

Have you ever had to tell your significant other something over and over and over again?

Intern Chelsea and Stunt Monkey think it’s a real problem for BOTH sexes!

She insists that men are worse at not remembering things. Apparently, they can be told something a hundred times and still not commit it to memory. But somehow they can remember the entire Vikings lineup and stats. Why? She doesn’t know.

Meanwhile Stunt, knows the truth. Men remember a lot of things, we just don't commit to memory things that are months out. Lost your keys? We'll tell you where you left them. Lunch date with your mom in 3 months, best of luck we'll remember that!

What are other things men and women sometimes forget comment below or Tweet Hot 96.7 using #SexDecoded!

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